We have been in the business of developing junior players in Northern Illinois for over 50 years. Our strong commitment to junior tennis is also evident in the fact that we have over 400 juniors involved in our programs We currently have several NCAA players, 45 district, 20 sectional and 5 nationally ranked USTA players. Just as important are the many students we have involved at the park district and high school levels.

Evaluations are required for all new students. If you and your child are interested in learning tennis, please contact the prospective program director's email or by calling 815-398-6177 to schedule a FREE 20-30 minute consultation and evaluation.

8 and Under Red

Ages 3–8. Provides a group setting for beginners to learn eye-racquet coordination, basic motor skills, and the fundamentals of proper stroke technique using modified tennis equipment.

Director: Amy Lopez

Junior Development

Ages 9–13. Designed to develop proper technical skills in order to become a steady point and match player.

Director: Danny Beeman

Tournament Training

Designed for players interested in developing skills essential for competition. Players will learn to execute proper technique in ground strokes, serves and volleys.

Director: Katie Warling

Tennis Advancement Program (TAP)

Action-oriented drills to improve competitive skills for team and tournament play. Designed to expose players' competitive edge.

Director: Sunny Park

High School Varsity

High intensity program for varsity high school players. Emphasis is on advanced technical and competitive application.

Director: Sunny Park

High Performance

High intensity program for high school and USTA tournament players who will compete in Northern IL District Qualifier. Emphasis is on advanced technical and competitive application.

Director: Mike Wojnarowski